Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIM: Instagram, be gone!

Wow, two posts in one night. What's happening?

Seriously though - most of you probably know I was on the free social photo sharing community of Instagram. Unfortunately a mixture of constant spamming and the latest kerfuffle over new terms and conditions saw me delete my account.

I was really sad to do this, as I enjoyed sharing my Digital Image Manipulations (DIMs as my friend Natsky and I call them) with other enthusiasts. Thing is - whether it was to dodge the constant scam followers/spammers or to "opt out" of Instagram's new conditions meant my profile was going to be kept in the dark and away from the portion of the public who don't have commercial interests at heart (not that I think my images would appear in an ad for Chanel, but you just never know).

At the moment, my Dad Duck (who is a staunch traditionalist photographer) and Mum Duck are the only people seeing the images I'm creating. I'm not sure whether The Musings Of Miss Manda will be the right platform for my images, but until I find another stage where I can set up a digital easel - this will do.

Here's an image I took today (I copped a lot of road rage {and returned it to one person with a verbal tirade through the window - don't mess with me when I am on a mission} at various places to get this, so I hope you like it).

Permission to use image is required
© Amanda Bown, 2012

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  1. If you'd like a good place to put your photos, I've found a good site. You can put in your photos as an album - or many albums and they are good to move from there in any form. You can share them as links or as whole albums.

    Just thought you'd like to try it out - and there's no cost too. :D