Saturday, December 22, 2012

How did you pass the pre-apocalyptic evening?

I literally blinked and missed the big fizzle of an apocalyptic end last night. Mind you, I was busy tweet-plaining about how long it was taking to update the latest software for my iPhone 5.

For the record - it took six hours. Six flaming hours where my life moved with a small blue bar that's...pace.

No, really. That's what it felt like. I reckon I could have walked over water to South America and back before this update finished.

Of course, when you think about what could have happened if the Mayan prophecy came true - this form of self torture is nothing in comparison to the annihilation that could have happened. I'm thinking tsunami, sulphur spewing, giant meteor, or Pluto being fired from the depths of the Milky Way directly into my bedroom.

Woah! If the world had ended - I wouldn't have seen it hit as I was too busy staring at that small blue line and the achingly slow numerical countdown. Potential small mercies, eh?

Apart from enduring the slowest countdown ever, I was also passing the time re-reading Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. How nerdy was that (if you haven't guessed - I'm a real out-there, party animal. Oh yes, Paris Hilton's got nothing on me...*cough, cough, choke*)?

With all this excitement going on in my little universe, by the time I realised the world was scheduled to end - I'd missed the moment. Whoops.

So, my questions to you:
  • How did you spend what could have been your last night on Earth?
  • Remember the Y2K hype? What you were doing to herald in the anarchy of time going psycho? (For the record with this one - I was partying like it was 1999. Firstly because it was 1999 and secondly - I had a thing called a social life back then. I somehow lost it somewhere between 2003-2007. It never came back).
  • Finally - who says Strunk and White isn't captivating, light reading?

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  1. My last night on Earth was spent cleaning my kitchen while I listened to old-style, Big Band swing and jazz on vinyl. Okay... not a very exciting kinda night. But I'm going on holidays in a few days and I want my house tidy... so I'm in a cleaning frenzy to make sure when I come home, I don't have to do anything but sit down and eat dinner. :D

    As for the Y2K fiasco? Well.... I didn't do anything exciting on that time either. I watched a movie after dinner with my folks (as i was still living at home) and then went to bed after spending the New Year with the dog; and trying to calm her down from the noise of the fireworks from popping all around the place... then I toddled off to bed. I woke the next day, turned on the internet and - yay! - it was still there with the date turned over to the year 2000... phew!... life continued as per usual. :D

    Just like now.